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Hello there!

I’m Dr. Sherlock Keys. My passions are in teaching, writing, sports, and psychology.

I’m a MBTI personality enthusiast and look forward to sharing my passion for psychology and the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types with you!

My 5-Star [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] book is on sale! 16 MBTI: The INTJ Personality in Love and Relationships: INTJ Signs of Love and How to Attract INTJs – Love Advice and Personal Stories by INTJ’s and Loved Ones. I hope you find it helpful. 🎉

Check it out!:

INTJ Signs of Attraction & INTJ Signs of Interest: Signs an INTJ Likes You and How to Attract INTJs. This is a book for INTJs, friends of INTJs, and lovers of INTJs who share their stories and advice on love and relationships.

MBTI Enthusiast, best-selling author, and award-winning Dr. Sherlock Keys has researched and met many INTJs and loved ones for this book. In this book, what makes it unique is that the sources are from INTJs themselves and their loved ones as they share their experiences and advice on love and relationships. You will read and learn about INTJ signs of attraction and INTJ signs of interest. Many INTJs enjoy acquiring knowledge and expertise in their desired fields, such as academia, sciences, and management. However, many INTJs are not as talented in the field of relationships.

For INTJs, relationships with family, friends, acquaintances, co-workers, and supervisors often puzzle them, especially when the INTJs are younger. For example, many INTJs favor discussions about politics and news rather than small talk about the weather and daily habits.

Nevertheless, INTJs cherish close relationships with their chosen few and often devote 100% energy to maintaining these relationships for as long as a lifetime. Once INTJs decide to commit to a relationship, they research and study their cared ones with intense focus, much like the focus they devote to their chosen fields of expertise so that they may better serve the needs of their cared ones.

Read the first chapters of the book for free on at: All proceeds will be donated and hope you enjoy the book!

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